Tampa Roller Derby's Championship, The 'Stache Bash, is in the books. 

On Saturday, October 17th our junior B-team opened the night with a crushing win over the Brandentucky Derby Brats, from Bradenton, FL, 407-80. Congratulations young ladies!

The main event, the 'Stache Bash, opened with the sassiest introduction of the season. Some members of the Switchblade Sisters started the evening off with an on-skates dance routine before putting the first three points on the scoreboard against the Cigar City Mafia.

Jams 2, 4, and 8 saw tied scores. In Jam 9 the Mafia took advantage of the Sisters' Apolo Ana's track cut and took a 10 point lead courtesy of Lily the Kid. Freezing Ana in the box, the next jam allowed The Panty Bandit to further Mafia's lead by 20 points; score 35-15, Mafia. Jam 11 the Sisters' extended their jammer penalty time when The Lunch Lady was penalized with a track cut. PhDiesel extended Mafia lead 40-15. However, in Jam 13 the Sisters' began to chip away at the score when Panty Bandit received a forearm call. Lead jammer, Apolo Ana quickly earned 5 points and kept Panty Bandit in the box. With Bandit starting the next jam in the box Rojo Grande earned lead, adding 9 points to Sisters' score; 42-29, Mafia. In the next jam PhDiesel was soon in the same seat as her teammate when she earned a back block penalty. Excellent defense from Mafia blockers kept the Sister's jammer, Moulin Rude, to only 5 points; score 42-34, Mafia. However, smart strategy from the Sisters froze PhDiesel in the penalty for the next jam. 

Jam 17 saw yet another Sister lead jammer in Apolo Ana, a lead change, and 5th consecutive scoreless jam for the Mafia; 47-42 Sisters. The Sisters grew their score 62-46 (Sisters) before PhDiesel, in Jam 22, earned lead and scored 17 points. Excellent defense from Mafia's Lily the Kid, Painguin, Splatypus, and Meat Tornado contained Rojo Grande for the whole jam leaving the Sister's scoreless, lead change 64-63 Mafia. With momentum swinging in their favor, the Mafia forced a track cut on Sister's jammer, Riot Rayhem; 71-63, Mafia. With their jammer in the box at the start of the next jam Sisters' blockers Darth Hater, Slayer Moon, and Leia Flat lead by the Lunch Lady, locked down their defense allowing Riot Rayhem to earn lead status after serving her time changing the score 72-71, Sisters. In the penultimate jam of the first half PhDiesel committed a track cut which kept her in box for the last jam ending the half with the Switchblade Sisters in the lead 84-72.

The first jam of the second half was scoreless as Apolo Ana broke free of the pack immediately after lead jammer, Panty Bandit. The next three jams the Cigar City Mafia kept the Sisters scoreless until lead jammer, Panty Bandit, in Jam 4 earned a skating out of bounds call right before she successfully called off the jam. Jam 7 PhDiesel earned lead and executed a beautiful apex jump taking the score 93-87, Sisters. With the score coming closer to a tie Apolo Ana snuck in points with a late referee call off bring the score 108-104, Sisters. The Panty Bandit received her third penalty, a track cut, keeping her in the box for two jams insuring the Sisters to continue their lead 117-104. Great defense from Sister's blockers and defensive offense from Sisters' jammers, Moulin Rude, Riot Rayhem, and Slamwich helped put the pressure on Mafia's lead jammers; both kept Mafia to only 8 points in five jams. After the Sisters forced a star pass on the Mafia, PhDiesel and Panty Bandit became the only jammers the Mafia would field for the rest of the game. 

The Mafia answered to a much needed rally call and earned lead status for the next four jams-in part due to Riot Rayhem's illegal star pass landing her in the jammer penalty chair. Mafia chiseled away at the Sister's lead when in Jam 26 they forced a star pass on the Sisters, tying the score 141-141 with three and a half minutes left on the game clock. The score was tied yet again with less than two minutes left on the clock 145-145, when lead jammer PhDiesel received a most unfortunate track cut at the end of Jam 28. Captain Apolo Ana scored 8 points in the penultimate jam bringing the score 153-148.

In the last jam of the bout, with only 5 points between the teams, Panty Bandit went up against Slayor Moon. In the first few moments Bandit earned an ill-timed track cut just as Slayor Moon earned a much needed lead jammer status. Slayor waited for the game clock to end and called off the jam, ending the game 153-148. The Switchblad Sisters won the 2014 'Stache Bash Championship!

Cigar City Mafia: PhDiesel 74 points, Panty Bandit 42 points, Lily the Kid 15 points. Switchblade Sisters: Apolo Ana 61 points, Slamwich 29 points, Slayor Moon 20 points.

Most Valuable Players for the 'Stache Bash went to Mafia blocker, Tic Tac Toni and jammer PhDiesel and to Sister's blocker Tights & Sirens and jammer Slamwich. Congratulations ladies!

Tampa Roller Derby would like to thank Sketch E. Artist for her time she devoted to our league for five years. The 'Stache Bash was her last game with us. Our best wishes as you travel onto your next adventure. Choo-choo!