On Thursday, June 26th Tampa Roller Derby's travel teams, the Tantrums and Bruise Crew, flew out to Denver, Colorado for a 5-day adventure. On Friday the teams set out to acclimate their bodies to the high altitude on a group hike to Red Rocks park, home of the Red Rocks Amphitheater.

On Saturday the Tantrums faced off against #9 WFTDA-ranked the Rocky Mountain Roller Girls. It was a landslide win for the home team with a score of 281-83. The Bruise Crew then took the track against the Rocky Mountain Contenders with a final score ending in 297-72 in favor of the Contenders.

Sunday morning the travel teams entered the Glitterdome, the Denver Roller Dolls warehouse. The Bruise Crew took on what seemed to be their sister team, the Bruising Altitude. Not only similar in name, but in team colors (purple & silver/grey) and coaches (burly, bald gentlemen with posh button up shirts). Bruising Altitude took home the win with a score of 346-50. The Tantrums followed suit and played against #7 WFTDA-ranked The Mile High Club with a score of 354-62. 

While losing to both teams handily, Tampa will take these losses as learning experiences to grow as the Tantrums head into playoffs in September and the Bruise Crew ends their travel season.

On Sunday after the bout, members of both teams went swinging from tree-to-tree in a zip-lining tour. And on Monday, Tampa took to the water in an unforgettable white water rafting extravaganza complete with women-overboard, ice cold water, and the best pictures ever. 

Thank you Colorado Rafting-Arkansas Valley Adventures for providing post-bout...adventures!

Stay tuned for updates on when, where, and who the Tampa Tantrums will be facing off for WFTDA 2014 Division I playoff tournaments!