June 2014

The month of June has Tampa Roller busy as bees!

This year's WFTDA Invitational, Franky Panky, is in the books for Tampa Roller Derby. The league hosted a two-day event Saturday, June 14 and Sunday, June 15. Teams from all over the country arrived at Downtown Skate in Tampa to leave it all on the track.

On Saturday New Jax from Jacksonville, FL faced the Columbia QuadSquad hailing from South Carolina. New Jax earned a substantial win that would set the pace for them for the weekend with a score of 293-93. Charm City traveling from Baltimore, MD defeated Santa Cruz 193-120. The Tampa Tantrums All-Stars took on the Oklahoma Victory Dolls and won 234-154. Tampa's B-team, The Bruise Crew, continued their winning streak against Columbia's B-team, the Miss B-Havers, with a final score of 212-131. Santa Cruz and Columbia played their second game of the day with Santa Cruz coming out on top 175-96. The final game of the day saw Charm City face off the Tampa Tantrums with Charm City taking home the win 219-147.

On Sunday Oklahoma lost to Columbia 187-141. Charm City played their last game against New Jax. The closest game of the weekend with a 26-point differential, New Jax took their second win 200-174. Oklahoma played and lost their last game, this time against Santa Cruz, 175-127. Tampa's junior roller derby all-star team, Tampa Bay Derby Chicks contended with their cross state rivals, the Duval Roller Dolls from Jacksonville, in a rematch from last month's nail bitter, one-point differential, in which Duval took the win. Sunday, Duval took their second win over the Derby Chicks 252-218. The weekend's main event and another cross state rivalry, pitted the Tampa Tantrums against New Jax. In April, New Jax won by 25 points. On Sunday, New Jax won by 79 points, 231-152.

Saturday, June 21 the juniors will play in an intraleague home game, the Demolition Dolls vs Team Knockout.

Our first QK (quad killers) rookie class of 2014 have graduated and will be playing in their first game Sunday, June 22!

On June 28-29 the Tampa travel teams, Tantrums and Bruise Crew, will fly out to Denver, Colorado to play two very talented teams: the Denver Roller Dolls A and B teams and the Rocky Mountain Roller Girls A and B teams. Stay tuned for updates on these games as they may be streamed online for your viewing pleasure!