Tampa Roller Derby is Now Gender Inclusive!

Established in 2005, Tampa Roller Derby has for well over a decade been an organization that proudly supports, encourages, and promotes women both in our sport and in the community. We have built something very special here at Tampa Roller Derby, and through the years have seen the changes a supportive network can bring about in women and girls both on and off the track. We play a sport that encourages camaraderie, athleticism, and teamwork and now we want to share the spirit of Tampa Roller Derby with everyone. That is why we are very excited to announce that starting in the 2018 season, Tampa Roller Derby home team play will be gender inclusive! Everyone will now be welcome to join our league.

This move is not completely new to our organization. Our junior league, Tampa Bay Junior Derby, has long included boys in the ranks. We believe that all genders playing together strengthens the bonds we form on the track and outside the rink, and teaches our young people how to treat each other with respect and how to appreciate each others' abilities, regardless of gender. And now the adult league is following in the juniors' footsteps and will be opening up enrollment, including our training program, to anyone who wants to play.

We will have three home teams in the 2018 season. Two will still be all female, and the third will be for all genders. We are happy to announce the Cigar City Mafia will be our gender inclusive team and they will play against our other home teams, as well of other teams in the state of Florida. Make sure you come on out to a game this season to see this exciting new step for our league and our community!

New Sponsor: S1 Helmets

Announcing New Sponsor

Tampa Roller Derby is excited to announce our newest sponsor, S1 Helmets!   Safety is a very important subject to our members, and S1 delivers superior protection in helmet impact testing.  For the 2015 season, skaters will be wearing the S1 Lifer Helmet, now the official helmet of Tampa Roller Derby.   

S1 Helmets

S1 is a global helmet brand rooted in California’s rich Skateboarding, Longboarding, BMX, and Roller Derby Culture. S1′s unrelenting approach to the elevation of safety, style, and quality in its product has earned the brand a renowned position in the helmet market. Today, S1 designs and markets an extensive line of protective helmets through Skate, Longboard, BMX, and Roller Derby specialty retailers in America, Canada, South America, Europe, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. S1 Helmet Co. is independently owned and operated.

The S1 Lifer Helmet is fast becoming known as the best fitting and most protective helmet for Skateboarding, BMX and Roller Derby. Impact testing shows the S1 Lifer Helmet is 5x more protective than regular soft foam skate helmets.

Check out this video from S1 Helmets!

Multiple Impact Helmet Test from s-one helmet co / s1helmets on Vimeo.


Tampa Roller Derby's Championship, The 'Stache Bash, is in the books. 

On Saturday, October 17th our junior B-team opened the night with a crushing win over the Brandentucky Derby Brats, from Bradenton, FL, 407-80. Congratulations young ladies!

The main event, the 'Stache Bash, opened with the sassiest introduction of the season. Some members of the Switchblade Sisters started the evening off with an on-skates dance routine before putting the first three points on the scoreboard against the Cigar City Mafia.

Jams 2, 4, and 8 saw tied scores. In Jam 9 the Mafia took advantage of the Sisters' Apolo Ana's track cut and took a 10 point lead courtesy of Lily the Kid. Freezing Ana in the box, the next jam allowed The Panty Bandit to further Mafia's lead by 20 points; score 35-15, Mafia. Jam 11 the Sisters' extended their jammer penalty time when The Lunch Lady was penalized with a track cut. PhDiesel extended Mafia lead 40-15. However, in Jam 13 the Sisters' began to chip away at the score when Panty Bandit received a forearm call. Lead jammer, Apolo Ana quickly earned 5 points and kept Panty Bandit in the box. With Bandit starting the next jam in the box Rojo Grande earned lead, adding 9 points to Sisters' score; 42-29, Mafia. In the next jam PhDiesel was soon in the same seat as her teammate when she earned a back block penalty. Excellent defense from Mafia blockers kept the Sister's jammer, Moulin Rude, to only 5 points; score 42-34, Mafia. However, smart strategy from the Sisters froze PhDiesel in the penalty for the next jam. 

Jam 17 saw yet another Sister lead jammer in Apolo Ana, a lead change, and 5th consecutive scoreless jam for the Mafia; 47-42 Sisters. The Sisters grew their score 62-46 (Sisters) before PhDiesel, in Jam 22, earned lead and scored 17 points. Excellent defense from Mafia's Lily the Kid, Painguin, Splatypus, and Meat Tornado contained Rojo Grande for the whole jam leaving the Sister's scoreless, lead change 64-63 Mafia. With momentum swinging in their favor, the Mafia forced a track cut on Sister's jammer, Riot Rayhem; 71-63, Mafia. With their jammer in the box at the start of the next jam Sisters' blockers Darth Hater, Slayer Moon, and Leia Flat lead by the Lunch Lady, locked down their defense allowing Riot Rayhem to earn lead status after serving her time changing the score 72-71, Sisters. In the penultimate jam of the first half PhDiesel committed a track cut which kept her in box for the last jam ending the half with the Switchblade Sisters in the lead 84-72.

The first jam of the second half was scoreless as Apolo Ana broke free of the pack immediately after lead jammer, Panty Bandit. The next three jams the Cigar City Mafia kept the Sisters scoreless until lead jammer, Panty Bandit, in Jam 4 earned a skating out of bounds call right before she successfully called off the jam. Jam 7 PhDiesel earned lead and executed a beautiful apex jump taking the score 93-87, Sisters. With the score coming closer to a tie Apolo Ana snuck in points with a late referee call off bring the score 108-104, Sisters. The Panty Bandit received her third penalty, a track cut, keeping her in the box for two jams insuring the Sisters to continue their lead 117-104. Great defense from Sister's blockers and defensive offense from Sisters' jammers, Moulin Rude, Riot Rayhem, and Slamwich helped put the pressure on Mafia's lead jammers; both kept Mafia to only 8 points in five jams. After the Sisters forced a star pass on the Mafia, PhDiesel and Panty Bandit became the only jammers the Mafia would field for the rest of the game. 

The Mafia answered to a much needed rally call and earned lead status for the next four jams-in part due to Riot Rayhem's illegal star pass landing her in the jammer penalty chair. Mafia chiseled away at the Sister's lead when in Jam 26 they forced a star pass on the Sisters, tying the score 141-141 with three and a half minutes left on the game clock. The score was tied yet again with less than two minutes left on the clock 145-145, when lead jammer PhDiesel received a most unfortunate track cut at the end of Jam 28. Captain Apolo Ana scored 8 points in the penultimate jam bringing the score 153-148.

In the last jam of the bout, with only 5 points between the teams, Panty Bandit went up against Slayor Moon. In the first few moments Bandit earned an ill-timed track cut just as Slayor Moon earned a much needed lead jammer status. Slayor waited for the game clock to end and called off the jam, ending the game 153-148. The Switchblad Sisters won the 2014 'Stache Bash Championship!

Cigar City Mafia: PhDiesel 74 points, Panty Bandit 42 points, Lily the Kid 15 points. Switchblade Sisters: Apolo Ana 61 points, Slamwich 29 points, Slayor Moon 20 points.

Most Valuable Players for the 'Stache Bash went to Mafia blocker, Tic Tac Toni and jammer PhDiesel and to Sister's blocker Tights & Sirens and jammer Slamwich. Congratulations ladies!

Tampa Roller Derby would like to thank Sketch E. Artist for her time she devoted to our league for five years. The 'Stache Bash was her last game with us. Our best wishes as you travel onto your next adventure. Choo-choo!


On Saturday, September 27th the Sisters and Widows ended the regular home season with a nailbiter of a game. The outcome was 150-153 with the Sisters as the victors. The close score solidified the Mafia's advances to the Stache Bash, TRD's Championship game.

Join us Saturday, October 18th when the undefeated Switchblade Sisters take on the Cigar City Mafia for the title of Tampa Roller Derby League Champions. The opening game will feature our junior's b-level team playing against the Bradenton Derby Brats from Bradenton, FL.

Children 12 and under get in free. Groups of 10+ will receive $9 tickets. If you bring in a flyer you can receive $5 off the $15 price. Doors open at 6pm.

Division I Playoffs!!

What. A. Weekend.

The Tampa Tantrums put on for their city in Sacramento, CA September 5th-7th in the first Division I (D1) playoff tournament weekend to qualify for WFTDA's Championship trophy, the Hydra. While the Tantrums did not make the top three spots in order to compete in November, they did make upsets. The women entered the tournament #7 seed and WFTDA ranked #27 and left with a 3-1 playoff record.

Friday early afternoon the Tantrums took on the lovely ladies from the Blue Ridge Roller Girls. The women from Asheville, NC were previously top Division II competitors, however they found themselves in this year's D1 playoffs. They put up a good fight, but the outcome was not in their favor. Tampa was able to execute perhaps the best offensive strategies of the year. You can get a taste here (thanks to Roller Derby Junkies).  Tampa took the win 337-74. Tampa jammer stats: PhDiesel 83 points, 60% lead jammer, 2 penalties. Apolo Ana 80 points, 60% lead jammer, 2 penalties. Little A 70 points, 82% lead jammer, 0 penalties. Panty Bandit 64 points, 43% lead jammer, 3 penalties.

Friday evening the Tantrums advanced to play the #2 seed and WFTDA ranked #8, the Minnesota Roller Girls (MNRG). The first quarter of the game was close with jams #5 33-36 (MNRG) and jam #10 56-52 (MNRG). The Tantrums stayed within striking range until jam #14 when Apolo Ana went to the box for a track cut allowing Harmony Killerbruise to earn 17 points while two Tantrum blockers were in the box. Winter was coming and the Floridians were unable to adjust. Penalties plagued both teams, but Tampa's 11 jammer penalties compared to MNRG's 4 helped Minnesota take the win 261-107. Tampa jammer stats: PhDiesel 27 points, 50% lead jammer, 3 penalties. Panty Bandit 27 points, 50% lead jammer, 1 penalty. Taz Maniac 22 points, 38% lead jammer, 4 penalties. Little A 21 points, 38% lead jammer, 2 penalties.

With the loss to Minnesota the Tantrums would go on to play for the top spot in the consolation brackets. Saturday, Tampa took on #6 seed and WFTDA ranked #25 the Santa Cruz Derby Girls (SCDC). The first quarter of the game was also a very close one with a one point differential in jam #5 35-34 (Tampa). The score remained tight until jam #10 when SCDC's TARAism took a trip to the penatly box for a track cut allowing Little A to put 27 points on the board. From there on the Tantrums earned their points bit by bit. Santa Cruz's fans were there to cheer on their team, but their chants and home court advantage were not enough to make up for the 12 jammer penalties and the 3 blockers who foulded out. With Little A on her A-game, scoring over 100 points, Tampa won decidedly 278-101. Tampa jammer stats: Little A 113 points, 75% lead jammer, 0 penalties. PhDiesel 59 points, 73% lead jammer, 1 penalty. Panty Bandit 38 points, 50% lead jammer, 2 penalties. Laryn Kill 35 points, 89% lead jammer, 0 penalties.

With the win over Santa Cruz, Tampa guaranteed they would leave the playoffs in a better rank than what they entered. Tampa would play for 5th and 6th place against Terminal City (#5 seed, WFTDA #18), hailing from Vancouver, Canada. These two faced each other at last year's D1 Playoffs in Richmond, VA in which Terminal City (TCRD) took the win by 26 points. In the closest game of the weekend, and perhaps the best to watch, this game had all the ingredients for a great, close match. Both teams did not fail to deliver.

With four lead changes in the first quarter of the game, jam #9 had a tied score of 47-47. Jam #11 saw TCRD continue with the lead when Laryn Kill received a track cut, allowing Maiden Sane to put up an additional 10 points. Jam #14 PhDiesel went to box for a forearm penalty, giving Evada Peron 24 points against 2 on-the-track Tantrum blockers. In the last 5 jams of the first half Tampa held TCRD scoreless, ending the half 120-82.

Playoff ticketsTampa defense continued to hold TCRD scoreless in the first 5 jams of the second half. With Blue Ridge and the Denver Roller Dolls cheering on the Tantrums in the stands, Tampa slowly tacked on the points. Jam #10 in the second half saw Evada Peron enter the penalty box for a track cut, allowing Little A to reign the track where she earned 15 points against 2 on-the-track TCRD blockers; bringing the score 130-144 TCRD. In jam #17 Tampa defense never let Evada Peron out of the pack after she served 30 seconds in the box for a low block on the Tampa jammer, allowing Laryn Kill to take the lead 136-135. Second to last jam, Maiden Sane (TCRD) scored 10 points bringing the score 162-152. She then jammed again in the last jam only to earn a track cut penalty, permitting Little A to hammer in the last nail with a 20-point jam; ending the game 182-156. Terminal City suffered 57 penalties to Tampa's 30. Tampa jammer stats: Little A 110 points, 76% lead jammer, 0 penalties. Smooth Operator 35 points, 50% lead jammer, 2 penalties. Laryn Kill 19 points, 50% lead jammer, 2 penalties. Apolo Ana 11 points, 63% lead jammer, 0 penalites. 

The Tampa Tantrums would like to thank Tampa Roller Derby referees, officials, volunteers, skaters, and fans for all of their support this season. The Tantrums could not do it without YOU.


Photos: David Costa 

August 2014

Saturday, August 23rd was a night to remember! We dusted off our Frank the Flamingo mascot and upped the fan experience ante.

Switchblade Sisters vs. Rockabilly Rebels

The night kicked off with the Switchblade Sisters taking on the Rockabilly Rebels from the Lakeland Derby Dames. Lakeland fans helped pack the stands. They cheered, jeered, and brought lots of enthusiasm to the atomosphere, but it was not enough to keep the Rebels undefeated season intact.

The shanky Sisters took home the win 353-58. MVPs for the game were the Rebel's Shelbizzle fo Shizzle and Bad Credit; and for the Switchblade Sisters' Rojo Grande and The Lunchlady.  

Frank's Fan Favorite Skater for the evening was Apolo Ana, Switchblade Sister's captain.

Black Widows vs. Cigar City Mafia

Black Widows /CCM MVPs

The twilight bout pitted the Cigar City Mafia against the Black Widows. The last time these two met on the track the Mafia made away with a six-point win. This time, each team held the lead, sometimes with a one-point differential.

In the end it was the Widows who walked away with a six-point win, 168-162. MVPs for the game were PhDiesel and Lily the Kid for Cigar City Mafia and Stella Knockout and Raging Hadron for the Black Widows. 


The Switchblade Sisters have had an undefeated season, therefore will be advancing to Championships this year. Our sixth and last regular home season bout will determine who will compete against them for the championship title.  The Cigar City Mafia needs to either win or not lose by 40 points in order to play the for league trophy. If the Mafia are not successful in their endeavors, the Black Widows will advance to defend their 2013 title.

Our opening bout that night will be our junior home teams which will feature skaters in contention for National Junior Roller Derby Association's Team USA! Come out and support these young athletes before watching the action unfold when the Mafia fight to stay in the competition against the Sisters on Saturday, September 27th. 

Purchase Tickets for September 27th now!


Next week, the Women's Flat Track Derby Association Division I Playoffs begin in Sacremento, CA September 5-7. The Tampa Tantrums will be entering this D1 tournament bracket as 7th seed. Their first bout will be against the Blue Ridge Roller Girls from Asheville, NC. You can watch the Tantrums in their playoff journey here (http://www.wftda.com/tournaments/2014/sacramento).  The Tantrums would like to thank the league and our fans for all of their support this year!

July Home Team Games

Saturday, July 5th all three of Tampa Roller Derby's home teams took the track.

In the first game of the evening the Cigar City Mafia faced off against Sintral Florida Derby Demons. The Mafia had the Derby Demons sleeping with the fishes with an indisputable score of 419-55.

The main game for the night saw the Switchblade Sisters take on the Black Widows. The game ended in favor of the Sisters 155-103.

The league headed out to PJ Dolan's Irish Pub & Grille for a night of "life-size" Jenga, dancing, and Sunday morning hangovers.

Join us next month on Saturday, August 23rd when the Sisters take on the Lakeland Derby Dames and the Widows attempt their first win of the season against the Mafia. Also to be noted, these games will feature our newly drafted skaters including transfers from other leagues and our brand new rookie skaters!

See you then! 

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