April 2016 Skater Of The Month - Red Stiletto

Red Stiletto

Red Stiletto


Cigar City Mafia




How did you choose your derby name?
I’ve always been called Red by family, friends, even co-workers and I LOVE high heels, the higher the better…so Red Stiletto just kinda fit…


When did you start playing roller derby?
Just a couple years ago actually!  On a complete whim Tag and I came to a TRD home team doubleheader and ended up chatting with Panty Bandit!  Still not sure how, but she talked the two of us into coming back for a ‘tryout’ with Little A the next day!


Tell us about your rookie year, how you found roller derby and how you learned how to play?
I’m proud to say I learned my skating/derby basics from Little A (and Lil’ Bit)!  They definitely had their work cut out for them when I joined QK!  I was a hot mess with no less than 20 questions about everything, but they took the time and helped me succeed in graduating into the league!  I had so much fun and made so many memories with that class!

My rookie year I was drafted to Cigar City Mafia, which was my secret hope!  I’ve skated a full season and couldn’t ask for a better place to call home!  My teammates are always so supportive and there to help improve my game!  I’m lucky to be surrounded by such talent!


Do you have a spirit animal?
I don’t…maybe I should do some soul-searching on the matter…


Worst derby injury?
So far nothing major thankfully…really all just kinda silly.  I hurt my right thumb the night of our final practice before Rookie Rumble and that joker still ain’t right!!  Rude NAILED me in the ribs during a game last season…that one took a few weeks to feel better!!!  It was a really nice hit!  The best though was probably when Slayor took off part of my face early last season…that one was actually kinda funny!  I didn’t understand why they called the jam or why everyone was acting all shocked…that is until I was ushered to the medics and Toni told me I was missing a quarter size piece of skin and my face was bleeding profusely.  The officials were busy looking for said skin on the track when Toni casually pointed out it was in my hair, all while Ana was signaling to my husband (who didn’t see the hit) that I wasn’t gonna survive!  To this day no one understands how it even happened!


What have been your favorite skate brands/products?
My QK skates were Riedell R3s with Juke 93/95 wheels.  Last year I upgraded to Luigino Vertigo Q6s with Boom Firm/XtraFirm wheels.  I wish I had more to offer, but I’m still so new to the sport I don’t have the knowledge or experience to speak intelligently on the different range of products! Luckily we have tons of knowledge throughout the league.


What did you think about as you laced up your skates?
Before I put my skates on, before I even get to the rink, I put on my ‘Bout Day’ playlist and I tune everything out.  I think about staying strong, about holding my own, about being a presence on the track!  On some days, that translates...and other days, it does not…but either way, I’m having a good time doing it!


Do you have a favorite motivational quote?
Anything Millie posts on FB…seriously!!!  She should be my life coach!


Do you have a pre-derby/sports background?
NONE!!!  I have never played organized sports of any kind!  Until finding derby I’d never even seen a sport I wanted to play!


What are some of your greatest on-the-track accomplishments?
Not having a long derby history my ‘great’ moments come any time I hold a Tantrum/Bruise Crew jammer…any time I push her out of bounds and recycle her before she can jump back in…any time I am fully in-sync with my teammates on the track...and in the rare moments that I jam and get lead!  All the small victories!!!


Off-the-track derby accomplishments?
Managing Franky Panky last year was a huge accomplishment!  I had no idea what I was getting into, but in the end I stumbled and I learned and I grew…and it was a success!  Being Bout Coordinator 2016 has been an adventure to say the least and even more of a learning experience with all the changes in the league!


Who are your derby heroes?
All the Tantrums.  All the Bruise Crew.  All of TRD.  This league is amazing and I’m lucky to have found not just derby, but TAMPA roller derby!  I can’t imagine playing anywhere else!


What is your day job? Has it contributed to your roller derby experience? If so, how?
I work for a maritime shipping company and they LOVE derby!  I actually send out game emails to the entire office and the company President makes a point to ask about it regularly.  Quite a few have come to one game or another!  Even the ship’s crew ask about it!  In fact, one of my ship Captains came to the season opener!  He was highly impressed and promised he’d be back!


Tell us about your favorite derby moments.
All of them!  I feel like if I pick one moment over another, on the track or off, winning or losing, success or failure, I’m taking away from all the other moments!  We’re given such little time to play this sport we love that I want to cherish them all equally!  Because one day there will only be memories of the days of derby…good, bad and ugly!


What advice would you give to someone who is thinking about joining roller derby?
If I can do it…you can do it…so just do it!!!