Welcome to the Wrecking Hall!


 What is the Wrecking Hall?
Home of Frank the Flamingo, The Wrecking Hall is home to two roller derby leagues: Tampa Roller Derby and Tampa Bay Junior Derby. Tampa Roller Derby, established in 2006, took control of the building formerly known as Terrace Sports, in January of 2016.
Since leasing the building, TRD has made some noticeable changes to make the space their own. The iconic blue skate floor and hockey walls persist, but much has changed. The league banded together to remove all carpeting, built a fitness space, and even turn the climbing area into a play space for the derby-kids so parents can come to practice. The walls were given new life with a paint job by area artist Eddie Rivera and feature riffs on the four Tampa home teams: The Switchblade Sisters, Vicegrip Vixens, Black Widows, and Cigar City Mafia. See more on Eddie here.
League members and volunteers have been pouring countless hours of work into revamping the venue. TRD is a DIY organization, and most of the upgrades have been thanks to donations by community members and sponsors. TRD members are ok with the extra work; with leagues around the world losing practice spaces more and more, Tampa is happy to have a home to make their own.
Monthly events at The Wrecking Hall include double header games featuring adult and junior teams, and fundraising events for the community! Forexample, for the first time, Tampa Roller Derby will be holding summer camps for kids interested in learning how to play derby.
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